Blog showing business opportunities with other companies through partnerships, representation in our country of the products or services offered, product or developments, exchange market trends. 




Publications on company events.

Develop systems for electronic invoicing which will keep track of your customers, products and send invoices via email.

Find publications on electronic invoicing, resources and related information for business.

We offer services to governmental and private hospitals, developing hospital information systems (HIS).

Publications on real implementations, developments and trends with depth analysis.

We specialize in call center services including inbound and outgoing calls.

Call Center systems concepts, implemented technology, current trends and how they enter the world of business.

Large and small companies often choose to outsource information technology (IT) and services for a variety of reasons.

Using a tool called GeneXus knowledge base has allowed us to have a presence in different markets, not only national.

We develop Vehicular Traffic Simulator, for the control and operation of vehicles passing through the Second Floor of Periferico in Mexico City.

Publications on the technology implemented to develop this information system.