Costs and Competitiveness in a Call Center

The start of operations in a call center means having among other things, a work address, furniture, tables, chairs, computer equipment and personnel.

After solving the above, it is necessary to prepare staff on how they should manage the portfolio, taking control in desktop tools and have the supervision and monitoring of goals that must be met.

Customers evaluate companies that hire through their results on the goals. Sometimes that is the case, they take the result of all assigned accounts but also in rare cases, take only a part of them, this causes the collection companies use various strategies to stay in business without the costs with the utility, such as:

  • Customer desires to obtain or recover as much of the debts, and businesses that meet or exceed the goals will be rewarded with a larger portfolio.
  • The collection companies seek to preserve the volume of portfolio to avoid incurring higher costs.

Over time, companies that remain mid-table on, can start generating financial resources to improve their internal infrastructure and thus able to work to grow participation largest portfolio allocation.

When you have an information system that controls the life cycle of a portfolio, it is also important to define the costs that can be made by account types, ie recoverable amount against costs to make.

La intensidad de gestión puede ser un buen marco para:

  • Knowing that you are fulfilling the contractual terms with each Client.
  • Generate tiers per balances to be recovered
  • Take care over each period, payments and payment obligations, that can reach the goals set by the client.

The strategies are many and each segment of a portfolio involves the activities to do, the important thing is to maintain and grow results without overflow costs.


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