Technology in a Hospital System

Inside a Hospital Information System (HIS), is common the management of clinical history for first time patients and then the subsequent progress notes stored and data types as input that allow medical professionals take a set of pictures of the body that is their specialty, where you can make annotations, can consult at any time and even to see them grouped to determine whether the procedures, drugs and materials healing have had the desired result, this is the purpose of this module.

Today, we are developing an application for Luis Pasteur Foundation is supported by donations and aims to prevent breast cancer or cervical cancer, taking into account the patients presenting in their facilities or through medical missions that allow carry a mobile medical unit to low income communities.

The physical exam process that makes the patients originally was stored in documents with general data and a small diagnosis by specialist Dr., now this information resides in a system based on a database as part of thought its functionality in several scenarios, these are:

  • The integration of images obtained from the medical interpretation and the final document that is given to the patient.
  • The images are saved in the database and
  • The ease of being able to make annotations on representative images and even to display a set of them, to select a period of time, for example: display all images of the last six sessions for a breast patient. This will allow the medical professional to see the images and thus decide on the treatment to the patient.

To illustrate their performance, here's part of how the application works.

Image handling in a Hospital System

The composition of the main screen is:

HIS image management

Images can be changed at the request of the physician, the dropdown can contain the number of studies that manages the Foundation.

Modulo de imagenes para SiHos 1

Modulo de imagenes para SiHos 2

Modulo de imagenes para SiHos 3

Once the doctor makes his notes, these images will be saved with the other data and may be consulted at the time they are needed.

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