Large and small companies often choose to outsource information technology (IT) and services for a variety of reasons.

Using a tool called GeneXus knowledge base has allowed us to have a presence in different markets, not only national.

Background of tools in systems developmentWhen we talk about the background in the development of systems we have to talk of CASE tools (Computer Aided Software Engineering).

These tools are a compendium of resources or applications of computing facilities that aim to increase productivity and decrease the cost of the entire system development activity (software), and their successful implementation results in significant savings in time and money.


Information Systems AuditAlso known as information security audit, the term refers to the analytical process and management systems through which specialists in the field have a particular relationship to the study of multiple vulnerabilities that could reach present communication networks, servers or workstations work of an enterprise, and through the study of the same identify, describe and list the risks they mean.




Integrated SystemsWhen we talk about integrated systems we are referring to a particular way of organizing information and functionality that will increase the performance of a number of factors that seek to work towards a common goal.

Basically is responsible for taking the processes and systems that are part of a structure and integrates the most effective way possible seeking a pragmatic synergy that results in a joint that is to attain the objectives imposed a priori with greater speed and efficiency.


Technological risks of a companyIn an expanding market there is virtually constant technological way to survive without being at least aware of these developments, and technology has become an inexorable element of any enterprise with some expansionist ambition.

But just as essential gear is a business development, technology and their use has risks.


Reverse Engineering in Information SystemsIt is called reverse engineering the process by which part of an object, device, or system to discover the technological process by which it has been made ​​by studying its structure, operation and function, with special attention to analyze the details of each it forms part, with the aim of unraveling the manner in which it operates and, also the ability to recreate such a system or object from scratch, in aidentical or similar way.



Mobile Information SystemThe major problem of mobile devices to display the data always has focused on the difficulty of doing so in a clear and particularly useful.

No matter what operating system or device in question, the data are more or less agreeable, but are never able to be as effective as if the same query is performed from a personal computer.





Crystal ReportsCrystal Reports Crystal Reports is a report generator software based on the Windows report writer and basically gives a programmer the tools to reporting from a wide range of information and data with a minimum of code written .

With this program you can access the information most used databases, using Open Database Connectivity, integrate information from multiple databases into a single report, which can be viewed on the web or embedded in systems business information or print it instantly.

Ingeniería InversaReverse engineering is a process by which an object is taken separately to see how it works in order to duplicate or improve it.

Although this practice was used by the old industries, today its use has spread to software and hardware, in which case, reverse engineering applied to software involves the reversal of a program that is coded in machine language (low level language ) to the high-level source code which was originally written.


Sistemas de InformaciónAlthough it may seem incredible, even today there are companies that do not make use of Internet, many more still continue to use an information system for over 20 years.

An information system in a company, is a series of components that interact with the aim of collecting, processing, storing and transmitting information and support to management levels within the organization, helping in decision making, control, analysis and coordination.


GeneXus Evolution 1Today, within the paradigm of Web 2.0, is sought to use fewer and fewer computer resources within a system based on the Scheme Client / Server, in order, that local resources are used only as necessary, making the application is lightweight, yet powerful in its processes, achieving responsiveness almost instantly.

As a solution to this approach was defined using separate processes, making these services, causing the server to resolve and use its resources to generate the result and return a quick response.

Based on the requirements which arise today in the area of IT time is extremely vital, which can not be wasted on redundant processes and also could simplify the use of resources such as memory or processing of the client machines.