Web ServicesThere are many definitions that can be found on the meaning of web services and although most of them are right, in general we can say that is a series or set of protocols and standards that are used to exchange information between different applications, available through Internet or private networks, also known as intranets.


Web Services are characterized by the use of a standard XML messaging system that is not tied to any operating system or programming language in particular.

The basic web services use XML and HTTP, and its performance depends on the integration of components including the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Universal Description, Discovery Language (UDDI) and Web Services Description Language (WSDL). In this way a person can build a web service using Java and a server that has a Solaris operating system and an application made in Visual Basic running on Windows can access resources offered by this, or similarly, you can use the programming language C # to develop web services and mount it on a Windows server and resources can be accessed from a web application that is built on JavaServer Pages, which runs from a Linux distribution.

An example applied to real life can be, consider a basic account management and order processing, accounting personnel where a company uses a client application that was built with Visual Basic to create new accounts and income new orders, the application that stores the data entered by the client application written in Java that runs on a Solaris machine.


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