Sistema de BackofficeBack Office system is a useful tool that allows companies to optimize their business process and operation, and if it is true that there are many such systems in the market, it is believed that a system that is based on the web , is usually the most reliable and robust for a large number of companies.


In this case the benefits obtained with a Back Office system include more efficient work processes, reducing paperwork in the office, telecommuting employees, as well as easy to apply updates.

It is noteworthy that in recent years, Back Office systems have evolved from traditional systems of simple spreadsheets to more complex which includes all data management that administer all the information of customer management in a company. In other words, a Back Office is the entire set of components to manage activities within a company without the need for customer contact.

All these services that involve back office are related to certain internal procedures in companies, which are held before or after a transaction is made with the client. Among others, a Back Office system covers the areas of information technologies that are responsible for the smooth operation of computer equipment, computers, telephones, and the installation of software and hardware. Also included are areas of human resources and finance.

There are even specialized software aimed precisely perform all these functions back office system, designed to ensure the development of processes and applications that include security systems and email clients.


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