Hospital System

Hospital Information System

Computer systems that support its operation in programs designed especially for the proper functioning of all areas.

The challenge

There are several clinics that control their patients through desktop tools such as spreadsheets or even notebooks, resulting in many cases of duplication, poor record keeping, complex consolidations, and especially inappropriate times, low reliability of information. Some have tried to automate part of their tasks but do not have an integrated information system that helps them in their daily operations, the challenge is to develop a user-friendly tool, reliable and concentrate the various activities of the staff.

 DSP solution

Regardless of the type of service you need a control appointments, the detail depends on how manage them. It must integrate the medical notes, informed consent, the patient's history and progress notes. It is important to control drugs, healing material and sometimes antibiotics. The inventory management and finally the financial part that not only are collection banks and various forms of payment, but also the management of patients insured, with conventions, recommended or general public.

Once the system is installed and in full operation, it is necessary to determine the management of the medical unit, what are the next steps, such as the inclusion of images or control of laboratory services, among many other things.

Una opción para reducir la inversión en tecnología es alquilar el software hospital y alojamiento de aplicaciones para evitar la pérdida de los objetivos de salud en términos técnicos, pero esto se define por los clientes después de que se les presenta soluciones alternativas.