Sistema de Cobranza Extrajudicial

Debt Collection Information System

Information systems designed to support the operation of businesses and areas that recover the amount of debts not covered by their customers.

The challenge

Are commercially available a lot of companies that engage in extra-judicial loan recovery, using information systems developed by its staff or purchased in the market, our challenge is to provide a system based on solid experience that allows enterprises, have an information system that meets this need in a professional manner.

 DSP solution

The solution we offer, allows managing every step that the account has throughout the process to recover the debt and this is, from the reception of the portfolio by the Customer, to putting it into operation in minutes, tracking all activities that come off for loan recovery, as well as a robust tool that allows managers to design strategies, have the information for each account attached to a series of questions that allow immediate action, and shows the intensity of management of each account to cover the procurement framework established by the Customers.