Call Center SystemsInformation systems designed to support the operation of businesses and areas that recover the amount of debts not covered by their customers.

Hospital SystemComputer systems that support its operation in programs designed especially for the proper functioning of all areas.

Performance Evaluation SystemSystem that provides reliable and timely information on skills, abilities and potential level of its staff.

Laboratory SystemElectronic information system that allows patients and health professionals quickly see the results of laboratory tests.

Electronic Billing SystemElectronic billing systems will allow you to keep track of their customers, products and send invoices via email.

Distance Education The technology applied to the Control of Indian Education in the Federal States.

Massive checks emission systemSupport system for the generation of orders and their perception in the municipal fund bearing in mind the quality, speed and accuracy of care.

Traffic simulator systemaSystem to monitor, control, manage and improve traffic management of a modern city, subject to accelerated growth of vehicle fleet.