Technological risks of a companyIn an expanding market there is virtually constant technological way to survive without being at least aware of these developments, and technology has become an inexorable element of any enterprise with some expansionist ambition.

But just as essential gear is a business development, technology and their use has risks.


From the ultra market segmentation and its evolution to his well-known facet 2.0, companies have been forced to sharpen their tactics to the most minute details in search of the much desired competitive advantage that will generate higher dividends and a prominent place in the sector their network. These measures include the race to develop organizational tools and techniques that raise productivity through improved management, and planning in the operational and management to this end between eyebrows technology is the most useful if we talk about organizational systems.

And since the technology became a key factor, the risks that come with it have become inevitable. For "risk" we mean any possibility that certain event happens or adverse counterproductive to achieving the commercial objectives of the company. Technological risks are, those possibilities that come with the very use of this technology, and as ISACA (Audit and Control Association Information Systems), these risks are five.

The range of possibilities risky to use technologies derived from it:

1. The probability of leaking sensitive or private entities should not have access to it is called "security risk and access".

2. The possibility that the information is not accurate, reliable, accurate and secure at all is called "integrity risk"

3. The risk of failing to get the right information at right time for right application is known as "relevant risk"

4. At the risk of losing the service for technological failure, is called "availability risk."

5. The risk that the needs of the company, and later today, can not be satisfactorily sustained by the technological infrastructure of the organization, known as "risk infrastructure"

There are other risks as well as a variety of techniques to calculate the probability that such unwanted events occur and a number of tactics to combat them, but that is a subject to be developed later.


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