Integrated SystemsWhen we talk about integrated systems we are referring to a particular way of organizing information and functionality that will increase the performance of a number of factors that seek to work towards a common goal.

Basically is responsible for taking the processes and systems that are part of a structure and integrates the most effective way possible seeking a pragmatic synergy that results in a joint that is to attain the objectives imposed a priori with greater speed and efficiency.



But the creation of an integrated system is not limited to organizing a series of functions and let them be, we integrated the more information you provide us continue with the various production and organizational processes, it offers us a clear picture of all facets of the organization, also the relationship between them and, importantly, the risks involved in each aspect of the practice.

It also raises the relationship between work and results to eliminate (or substantially reduce) the "duplication", and in turn facilitates the generation of subsequent return to expedite the work with the various factors updated by previous experience. As you can see, is a cyclic process whose usefulness goes in crescendo as it discovers and develops.

Usually integrated management systems are implemented by companies or organizations that have within their unique management system at least two types of management rules, among which we can mention the environmental standards such as ISO 14001 or quality standards ISO 9001, very important to be present in any undertaking carrying a quality process, and that among the key objectives is to fully satisfy customer needs.

The ability to demonstrate the existence of this management system (which should cover the various existing management standards within a structure) will be worth it or not the correct certification thereof. Of course, this becomes a series of competitive advantages, since it provides risk management, qualitatively elevated brand image and thus the interest of potential investors.


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